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Wesleyan Dove - The symbol of the Holy Spirit, the symbol of holiness, embodies hope with its head turned upward and outward, like open hands. One wing represents a purifying flame.

Christian Cross - A central symbol of our faith represents that our loving and gracious God sent his one and only son to die and rise again that we may all have eternal life.

The Southern Cross -The stars that guided many of our ancestors to this land and reminding us that we are all immigrants to this land. We have all crossed the sea, or at least our ancestors, have either in waka on the water or waka in the air.


Our logo is blue to represent water and baptism as well as to remind us that we are an island nation surrounded by water which links us to the multi-cultural group of nations of the South Pacific of which we are a part, and that we are a multi-cultural church.


WMCNZ churches and trusts may use the logo. Such use must follow the brand guide (available from the national office) in all respects. Contact Josh Couch for help on how to use the logo.

National Resource Centre

219 Burswood Dr


Auckland 2013

T: 09 271 6460

E: natsecretary@wesleyan.nz

PO Box 82363

Highland Park

Auckland 2143

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