The Wesleyan Investment Foundation New Zealand (W.I.F.) is a charitable trust established to provide capital funding for the fulfilment of church mission through loans for building development, start-up grants and wider funding initiatives.


While W.I.F. is committed to providing quality service and competitive rates of return for investors, its primary goals relate to the extension of the Kingdom of God through the support of investors. Investors have the opportunity to steward their investments responsibly by maintaining wise savings goals, while releasing discretionary capital for the building of the Kingdom of God.


Our History

In the early 1950's a small group of people in the Wesleyan Church in America had a desire to see Wesleyan congregations enabled to buy their own land; build or extend their own churches; establish community and Christian education centres. The barrier to this dream was their inability to meet the lending criteria of the banks - banks sometimes have a hard time understanding church finances! They overcame the obstacle by establishing the Wesleyan Investment Foundation to act as a lender to the congregations, and at the same time to provide a return for church members.


Individual members of the Wesleyan Church in the US put savings into the Wesleyan Investment Foundation and the Foundation pays them a rate of interest at least as good as they would get from a bank. The Foundation then lends that money to Wesleyan churches, and churches of like mind and faith, for land, buildings and improvements. The interest rate on the loan is as low as or lower than a bank's. The result is that the church members can safely and gainfully place their money with a fund dedicated to the development of the Wesleyan church; and the churches can more readily fund their building programmes from an understanding and flexible lender. God's resources being used in a Godly way! Today W.I.F. USA) is one of the largest church loan funds in the United States of America


The New Zealand Wesleyan Investment Foundation was started in 2006 and is now helping Wesleyan churches to realise their building goals. Just as importantly the Foundation is pursuing the goal of every New Zealand Wesleyan family benefiting from an investment in W.I.F - building their savings through building the Kingdom.


A copy of the latest Information Memorandum is available below


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