At 11.59 pm Monday 8 June,

Aotearoa - New Zealand moved to National Alert Level 1

in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

What does this mean for our WMCNZ whānau and churches?

The purpose of Alert Level 1 is to PREPARE to move quickly to deal with any future spread of the COVID-19 disease.


It has been described as a time when we are to “Be Watchful.”


While there is considerable freedom of personal movement and the lifting of restrictions in relation to gatherings, there are some steps that we will take to remain safe and healthy. The principle remains to act in the direction of Loving Our Neighbours and to do so safely.

There are no gathering restrictions under ALERT LEVEL 1.

What will Alert Level 1 look like for our WMCNZ whānau and churches?

New Zealand is now at Alert Level 1.

Church Gatherings, including funerals and weddings, are permitted at any size provided the following conditions are met:

  • Hygiene practices must be followed and promoted including:

    • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly.

    • Don’t touch your face.

    • Regularly disinfect surfaces.

    • Take appropriate care with provision of food and drink.

  • No one is permitted to participate in any gatherings or events if they have COVID-19 symptoms or if they need to be in isolation/quarantine for any reason.

A full description of the Alert Level 1 conditions with a comparison to Alert Level 2 can be found here.

WMCNZ has prepared some preliminary guidelines to help our churches understand what being at Alert Level 2 looks like for our whānau & churches.

Alert Level 1

Guidelines for

Local Churches

Want more Alert Level 1 Resources_ (1).p

WMCNZ Church Services Online

Although our churches are now free to resume gathering for worship, some people in our communities may still be unable to attend services due to compromised immunity or illness. We continue to encourage all of our churches who are able to look for creative ways that they can include those who may not be able to attend worship gatherings. 

A number of our churches are continuing to offer access to worship services online. You can access these by clicking on the link below.

If you have questions

or need more information

about the Level 1 Alert

and what this means for you then please visit the official 

NZ Government COVID-19 page

by clicking on the image to the right. 

COVID-19 Alert Level 1 (1).png

If you need help or assistance managing your local church's response to the COVID -19 pandemic please contact:

Rev Peter Benzie 

(WMCNZ National Secretary)

Ph:   027 243 9363

National Resource Centre

219 Burswood Dr


Auckland 2013

T: 09 271 6460


PO Box 82363

Highland Park

Auckland 2143

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